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Gunjiin Temple

 Located northeast of Ulaanbaatar as the crow flies and 145 km by road via the Terelj national park.  The 1657 danshig naadam held for Zanabazar at Erdene Zuu after his return from hid second trip to Tibet marked the ascension of his influence among his Mongolian followers. As Pozdneev points out, “The Gegen’s might in Eastern Khalkh reached its extreme limits at this time; they believed in him and came to him with the most extraordinary requests. “ For instance, his nephew Galdandorj, son of the Tusheet Khan, met with Zanabazar and implored him to cure his wife’s infertility and grant him a son. After Zanabazar recognized Manchu suzerainty in 1691 the Qing emperor awarded Galdandorj the title of Darkhan Chingwang (prince of the first rank). His son Dondovdorj was brought up in Beijing, in the Qing court of Kangxi, and in 1697 the emperor gave him a princess to marry.

         Gunj’s Monastery is about 30 kilometers North Terelj as the crow flies. You need a guide to go there. It’s possible to pass directly through the mountains at North, or to take the longest road that lines the Baruunbayan River. You will need 2 days horse riding (3 days for a return trip),

         After arriving at Terelj National Park, get ready for a horse trip. After that, start the trip to Gunj Temple directly.  2 nights in a tent on the road compared to riding. On the 3 th day, return to Terelj National Park. Last night stay in Ger. After breakfast, return to UB around through “Chinggis Statue” in Tsonjin Boldog

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