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The Four Season Tour Company has been operating since 2005 in tourism and international trade sectors, and started organizing international (inbound) tours.  

   Our staff members have extensive experience within the tourism sector as they have worked in the field since 1997 upon completion of professional studies of tourism. 

   The drivers of the company have worked in the sector for 3-20 years continuously, has basic English speaks ability, good mechanic skills and are very friendly. Our company is unique compared to other guesthouses as we also receive to group tourists from Asia and Europe and provide them with high class service while staying at 4-5 stars hotels. 
   Welcomes backpackers to our own Four Seasons guest house, and takes them on Mongolian countryside tours. Moreover, our company donates orphan children interesting books, text books and clothes that have been offered by our tourists. 

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We are very pleased to send our warm greetings on behalf of all the staff of Four Seasons Company to our dear guests. Our main mission is to provide our travelers the experience of joy by introducing you to the nomadic country which is the motherland of great Chinggis Khan, the man who has conquered and established the Mongolia as a nation; Lake Khuvsgul, which is world renowned for its beautiful virgin nature and pure water; Sand dunes which were homes to dinosaurs millions of years ago; the wide steppe of Chinggis Khan; Eagle hunters of the Kazakh nation that Mongolians take pride of; Extinct volcano, river basins, springs, and the great Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and culture.

    Four Seasons tour company gives you the opportunity to see the natural and cultural wonders of Mongolia, which is one of the few places left undiscovered by international tourists. You will be delighted to see the extraordinarily beautiful virgin nature of Mongolia.

“SEVEN STARS” Ger camp

It is located 40 km west of the city. A special feature is that the location is selected on the last day of a long tour.

Guest House

Our HOSTEL is located in the Main Street on Peace Avenue. It takes just 10 minutes by walk to go to Gandan Temple. 8 minutes to go to State Department Store, 18 minutes to Sukhe-Bator Square. And 18 minutes walk to Train Station.

Transportation services

We have Jeeps, Japan minibuses, Purgons and Sedans.


Battur.S "Toro"

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Operations manager


Director of Seven Stars Ger camp






Tour manager and Guide