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Khar horin Tsenkher hot spring and Mongol sand dune

Khar Horin, which is the ancient capital city of Mongolia, was founded 1220 in the Orkhon valley, center of the empire for more than 140 years, destroyed in 1391 by Chinese troops. Erdene-Zuu monastery which is the first Buddhist center in Mongolia. Ogodei, son and successor of Chinggis, surrounded it by a rampart measuring approximately 1.7 km by 1 km; it was during this reign that Karakorum became a true urban, diplomatic, and commercial centre.

Erdenezuu Monastery

located North West of the imperial site of Kharkhorum, this monastery was built on the site of the ruins of the ancient Mongol capital which was the main center of Buddhism. At the present, 108 stupas are surrounding the monastery.
Erdenezuu and the vagaries of history: The construction of ERdenezuu began in the 16th century and continued until the middle of the 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were more than 600 temple halls and places of worship there, making it the most powerful of the Kalkh monasteries. But the Purges of the 1930s finished most of the temples and today only about 20 remain. What was left of the great monastic complex was turned into a museum in 1965 and Erdenezuu re-opened as a place of worship in 1990.

The Mongol Sand dune

The Mongol Sand dune /middle Gobi/ is located far from UB about 280 km. One of the larger and beautiful Sand dunes in Mongolia.
You can see the good combination of the Gobi and Hangai at the same place, trekking, horse and camel riding and trekking to the Sand dune.

Tsenkher Hot Springs

Tsenkher Hot Springs of Tsenkher Rashaan is located 25 km southwest from Tsenkhersoum of Arkhangai province. This spring issues sweltering 65-90C water with stench of hydrogen sulfide. Since early times the spring had been used for medical use, as it is believed to have good influence for articulation, stomach, anemia, over fatigue, skin diseases and diabetes. Hot Spring of Tsenheryn Rashaan is surrounded by beautiful natural landscape, and it is an interesting tourist site of Arkhangai province.


Trip starts at 8 AM. Drive to Kharhorin and visit Erdene zuu monastery and museum. Have lunch en route.


Breakfast, 1 hour Horse riding. Drive to the Tsenkher hot Spring after horse riding. Lunch en route. Overnight Ger camp and Seating in a hot spring.


We will drive to a Mongol sand dune. Trekking around the sand dune, riding camels for a short time. 


After breakfast, drive to “Seven stars” camp which is located at Hui 7 hudag, and have lunch there. On this day we will sit in the sauna and relax after the long tour. Will see stars and moon during the night.


Drive back to UB after lunch. Arrive around 3 PM in UB

Erdene zuu

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DestinationKhar horin Tsenkher hot spring and Mongol sand dune
Accommodations Overnight in a Ger Car gasoline Experienced driver Guide Camel riding Horse riding Local guide /horseman/ All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Entry fee for National parks and museums Stay in a Ger    Hot spring Sauna, Archery and Taking photo with traditional dresses at Seven stars camp
Snacks Souvenirs Decoration Travel insurance Sleeping bag Optional additional activity cost Special order in cafes and restaurants Snacks, special drinks and special order at the hotel Payment for taking photos of temples, monuments and museums Personal expenses Snacks and special drinks
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