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Onon and Balj rivers are located north-eastern part of Mongolia, Khentii province. The 415.752 hectare Onon and Balj National Park was established in the region in March,2000. Great Chinggis Khaan was born at the junction of the Onon and Balj River. Onon is full of fishes: lennok, taimen, umber, pike, bull ide, burbot, crucial carp and carp. In summer time in Kherlen river is full of beautiful birds and you can hunting for the birds.

Day 1

After breakfast drive by Jeep or minivan drive to Undur-khaan

Day 2

Drive to the Balj and Onon River preparing for fishing.

Day 3,4,5

Full days fishing, during fishing trip we will spend couple of nights in Tents.

Day 6

Back to Kherlen river flow east to join Amur before emptying into Pacific Ocean. Spend night in tent on Kherlen River.

Day 7,8 

Full fishing around the Kherlen River which belong to Khan Khentii State Protected Area.

Day 9

Drive to Terelj national park overnight in a nomad ger, hiking trekking forest mountain. 1 hour horse ride.  On the way visit Tsonjin Boldog which is Chinggis monument.

Day 10

 Drive back to UB.  We will arrive around 3 pm.