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Special Tour to Reindeer

North Mongolian REINDEER
    TheTsaatan /Reindeer/ people of northern Mongolia are a nomadic people who depend on reindeer for nearly all aspects of survival, as well as cultural, spiritual, linguistic, and economic identity. Originating from theSayan mountain region in Russian Siberia and Mongolia’s northern most province of Hovsgol,the Tsaatan, or ethnic Dukha people, are credited as one of the world’s earliest domesticators of any animal.
For generations, the group practiced nomadic reindeer husbandry throughout the Sayan region, until border closures in the 1920s restricted their movements within Mongolia. Now isolated from their ancestors and other reindeer herding peoples of the region such as the Evenki, Tofa, Tozhu, and Soyots, the Tsaatan reside between 51 and 52 degrees north latitude, and are Mongolia’s only reindeer herders.
Today just over 200 Tsaatan individuals live in the Mongolian taiga, an
Tsaatan maintains small herds of between 7 and 160 reindeer per family. Reindeer are milked daily, providing the staple component of the Tsaatan diet largely consisting of reindeer dairy products.
Deer are more valuable as transport animals and milk providers rather than a source of meat. In fact, the community’s ancient tradition of shamanism largely precludes the slaughter of reindeer by placing sacred value on the animals. Instead, hunting wild game such as elk, moose, bear, sable, and boar have historically provided a consistent protein source.

Day 1 

Pick you up from the aiport and drop at the Hotel.

Day 2

Pick you up from the Hotel and transfer to the Airprort.  At Murun airport you will be met by one of our representatives: driver, English speaking tour guide, and cook. We will drive from airport to Khuvsgul Lake which is the second most voluminous freshwater lakes in Asia. It is located in the northwest of Mongolia, near the Russian border, at the foot of the eastern Sayan Mountains. 100 km driving on paved road to reach the lake and enjoy the spectacular view of the area. Overnight accommodation will be in a tent or wooden cabin. (L-D)

Day 3

After breakfast, we start driving to the Ulaan-Uul village, located 171km from northwest of Murun city. There are several rivers and mountain passes en route. Picnic lunch and many small stops for photographing. Overnight accommodation will be in a tent or wooden cabin. (B-L-D)

Day 4

Early morning drive to Tsaagan Nuur village. Check in at the Army headquarters and show our passports and document permission for the Taiga region. Then we will meet the nomad family supply us with the horses, and reindeer to go to Tsaatan family. The Family truly enjoy meeting guests. We will eat homemade Mongolian traditional food and can drink mare’s milk, for those who would like to try this very Mongolian drink. Sleep in ger just like a Mongolian! Overnight accommodation will be in ger. (B-L-D)

Day 5

Our staff will pack our gear (you need to sort out your unnecessary things and leave it to the car). Our driver will remain in the village with our supplies not needed for this part of the trip. We start riding to East Taiga (South Edge of Siberia). We need to ride for 7 hours including lunch break. Riding in the Taiga is exciting and challenging. If needed, we make sure you are will lead by very experienced guides.
The scenery, mountains, streams, tundra area, is spectacular. There are many wild flowers, birds and if we are lucky, we will see wild red colored deer. When we arrive at the teepees of the reindeer families, you will be welcomed and made to feel at home. We will spend the next two days, experiencing Tsaatan life. Overnight accommodation will be in a teepee. (B-L-D)

Day 6

Full day of rest. We experience Tsaatan/reindeer herder’s everyday life and can ride a reindeer and help with any chores, from milking. Cheese making and even trying to teach the children some Western games. Overnight accommodation will be in a teepee. (B-L-D)

Day 7

After 2 days of experiencing Tsaatan reindeer family’s life and wild untouched Taiga’s land, we say good bye our Mongolian family ride back to Tsaagan Nuur. Swim in the lake if warm. Overnight in Ger. (B-L-D).

Day 8

There are several rivers and mountain passes en route. Picnic lunch and many small stops for photographing. Overnight accommodation will be in a hotel (B-L-D).

Day 9

After breakfast you will drive to the local airport with your guide for your return flight to Ulaanbaatar. Pick up from the airport in Ulaanbaatar and drop at the Hotel. (B).

Day 10

Ulaanbaatar city tour.
After breakfast drive to Gandan. Chinggis Khaan museum. Lunch. Chinggis Khaan square. Gobi cashmere shop. Bogd Khaan museum. Zaisan monument.

Day 11

Pick up from the Hotel and drop off at the airport.

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Airport pick up and drop off at the Hotel Hotel fee for 3 nights Accommodations Overnight in a Ger Local flight tickets for 2 ways Car gasoline Experienced driver Guide Horse trip Horses for the luggage Visiting a nomad family Visit Reindeer family All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Entry fee for National parks and museums Helmet Leather Ankle protector Camping equipment, tent, mattress Tent and mats Border permission City tour
Snacks Souvenirs Decoration Excess baggage charge Travel insurance Sleeping bag Optional additional activity cost Special order in cafes and restaurants Snacks, special drinks and special order at the hotel Payment for taking photos of temples, monuments and museums Passport and visa fees Personal expenses Hotel mini-bar
You Should prepare for this tour below things
Backpack Waterproof bag cover Comfortable light boots for walking Head lamp Personal medications Waterproof hiking boots Waterproof jacket with hood Waterproof over pants Lightweight trousers Anti-mosquito lotion Long underwear Wool socks Warm hat and gloves Sunglasses Sun care cream Water plastic case with 1 liter of capacity Binoculars/camera Wet tissues Insurance confirmation copy Emergency contact number